Tasty Jollof Rice with Chicken

Too busy to cook? your dedicated AfroSea Ready-Meal team can help!

From Afang to Egusi, Ogbono, and Efo Riro, our ready made soups are a delicious way to experience authentic Africa on-the-go.

Try the exquisite tastes of West-African cuisine with our other pre-cooked options such as, Goat Stew, Chicken Stew, and Jollof Rice To-Go. These flavour packed meals are ready to eat, just heat to your liking and add your favourite flavour boosters to taste.

These dishes also go perfectly with our assorted choices of amala, garri, fufu, pounded yam and even rice!

Don't forget, we are also available on UberEats, Skipthedishes, and Doordash for a stress-free home delivery.

Check us out at #4 Royal Vista Way NW Calgary AB T3R 0N2, Canada.


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