Tasty Jollof Rice with Chicken

Feeling too lazy to cook? the number one African store and Nigerian Store Presents.....

Afang soup,egusi soup,ogbono soup, eforiri soup,stew with goat meat, stew with chicken and other kinds of soups for a typical family of four or for party use. The soups are ready to go, all you need do is warm in micro wave and then add amala, garri, fufu or pounded yam and in some cases, rice to go with it.

Afrosea also presents Jollof rice with goat meat or chicken. just book your order with door dash, uber eats or skip the dishes.

Coming up shortly will be moi moi, african salad, meat pie, oha soup, rice and beans, plantain and gizzard popularly called dodo or gizdodo and edikaikong soup.

Check us out at no 4 royal vista way nw calgary ab t3r 0n2, Canada.


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