We help immigrants to

find the much desired

 ethnic foods they

once loved back home.

 All in one location

in Calgary and at

their door steps.


At AfroSea we achieve our objective by focusing on the following
Many Ethnic products do not have the authentic ingredients because home is far away, and customers rarely have no other choice than to accept whatever is available. It should not be that way! Apart from the quality of our products their shelf life is our top priority, so we ensure they are dried with meticulous native methods that our mothers and grandmothers have used for generations. We ensure they are not  compromised with foreign elements to save cost. Clients will find all our products authentic, if not, return them for a full refund.
       PRESERVED AROMA       
Ethnic foods must be adequately protected not only to preserve the original aromas that make them unique , but to prevent mixed aromas in the store environment. This is what makes us unique.
 Should there be sand in ethnic products? No!  Proper care must be taken to dry and protect products from sand. Our products do not have sand in them.
Wintertime is harsh enough; clients should not brave the storm and spend their hard-earned dollar before they get what they want. Just shop here and your products will be delivered within 3 hours right at your doorstep at little or no extra cost
 Immigrants spend time and efforts trying to import their own products through friends and relatives just to beat the high price of the food they love. It should not be so, take care of your business, we will take care of your desired foods at the price you deserve. For this reason, we match prices even if that product was compromised.

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